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Updated: May 30, 2021

Yo yo! Hey everyone. My name is ShaBiron S. Shockley but you can just call me Biron. I’m a Director/ Screenwriter from a small town in New Jersey and I finally built up the courage to make this video and start making content for YouTube. Technically this isn’t my first video since I’ve already posted a few on here but this is my first time talking to the camera and putting that out into the world.

Man was I scared/ nervous and went through so many emotions to do this! I must of talked myself out of this a million times. Making up excuse after excuse on why I couldn’t and why I wasn’t ready yet. But all of that is done now because if you’re watching this! Then I did it! I faced that fear. I’m going to keep this video short I just wanted to introduce myself like I said in the beginning my name is Biron and I’m a Director/ Screenwriter. I’ve directed, wrote and shot a ton of things some you have seen on here already and if you haven’t make sure to click the links in the description to get familiar with the type of work I do.

The type of work I plan on putting out on here are. I want to dive into my process as a creative. Whether it’s writing commercials/films or directing them. I also want to talk about things that helped me along my journey, this is going to be like my public diary. So get ready for it! I’m just like everyone else I spend most of my time on YouTube learning and watching funny videos.

There’s a few things that I feel like when I search I just couldn’t find so those are the types of things I’m going to put out into the world. Because I know there’s a million others like me searching too. I can’t promise you a schedule yet for posting but just know that I will be trying my best to post content as much as I can. I can’t wait to begin on this journey with everyone. I can’t wait to talk to all of you. And I hope you can take something away from this channel. That’s it for now. Peace, peace peace peace.

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